What to expect during a Health Kinesiology Session?

During your initial consultation we will discuss the information you have disclosed in your Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire.

This helps us focus in on your health and wellbeing concerns and work towards balancing your goals.

Accupressure PointsDuring the session, you will lay down on a therapy couch, wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Sitting beside you, I begin the process of HK using muscle testing techniques to monitor meridian flow through the function of the muscles. Bio-energy feedback reveals the optimal procedure for you. Techniques involve light pressure to the relevant accupoints whilst thinking a precise thought; balancing emotions; specific placement of magnets to correct electrical currents/electromagnetic field disruptions; aligning the energy field, kinaesthetic feedback; muscle balancing; bio-energetic testing food and inhalant sensitivities/intolerance and so much more.

Further recommendations may be given to help you continue with your healing between visits for example: nutritional intake, exercise, rest, sleep, meridian toning, vibrational essences, and positive affirmations. All recommendations are just that, it is up to your discretion whether you follow up on any recommendations given as a result of muscle testing.

During your first session, I will muscle test for the number of sessions required by your body. There is typically a 3 - 5 week break between sessions to enable your energy system to integrate the changes that can occur on many levels. Each session is unique; HK moves the body forward at a pace that is determined by you.

HK works at the deepest level, on completion, always ensure you can go home and rest for a good hour. When the old energies and patterns that are holding the complaint in place are transformed, the body requires a period of integration common to all forms of energy healing.