About Jennifer

I have been on a healing journey since the late 80's, awakening spiritually with the global harmonic convergence of 1987, a significant catalyst towards the transformation and evolution in human consciousness. This created a wave of light workers, energy workers, healerAbout Jennys and spiritual teachers, all dedicated people comitted to raising the vibrations and consciousness of our world and it's people.

Around this time, prompted by an increasing ability to channel healing energy I embarked on my training in spiritual healing with the NFSH. Later, exploring my passion for crystals in crystal therapy, I completed the teacher training course and went on to teach the IACHT 1st and 2nd year crystal therapy courses in Manchester for over five years. Reiki, so simple, natural and sacred came into my life quietly, being relatively unknown in the UK, who knew it would become so popular across the world today! Along with my Western Reiki Masters, I was also honoured to train in the Shoden and Okuden levels with Japanese Reiki Master – Tadao Yamaguchi, giving me a deeper knowledge of Reiki and connection to the context of Reiki in both the East and the West. During the mid-1990`s, I was alarmed at the rising number of children/adults visiting my practice who were experiencing allergies and asthmatic conditions. Whilst the energy work alleviated symptoms, I needed an energy therapy that could address these complex health issues on several levels. After much research, I began my training in Health Kinesiology which has far exceeded my expectations and those of my clients.

My journey and involvement in natural health and wellbeing, remains a life of amazing experiences, deeper knowing of the Soul and love of the Spirit. As with all people I have had a fair share of trials, heartbreaks and bereavements. I have healed the sad and painful experiences, dramas and karmic attachments to my past and developed self-compassion and self-love. A healer`s path is a roller coaster ride whilst layers of all that is not oneself comes up for resolution. These heartfelt, growth-full experiences leave me with the gifts of love, compassion and knowledge that enable me to assist others on their healing journey. I am joyfully present in the soul harmony of who I truly am. Healing and teaching is my higher purpose and walk of life.

I embrace the endless possibilities open to us all to create balance, growth and fulfilment in our lives and the lives of those we love. We can choose to live our best, healthiest and highest versions of our true selves, by tapping into the body’s ability to selfheal. If you resonate with this, I welcome you to share your thoughts or make an arrangement to receive an energy healing session in the Manchester area. Please use the contact page.

Jennifer's Training and Qualifications include:

  • Balancing the KO Cycle, Kinesiology Training course 2016
  • 16P Health Kinesiology Training course 2014
  • Certificate in Nutrition 2011, Anatomy & Physiology VTCT level 3 2011
  • Touch for Health IKC levels 1 & 2, 2009
  • Jikiden Reiki Shoden and Okuden 2009
  • Emotional Freedom Technique AAMET levels 1 & 2 2008
  • Diploma in Nutrition VIA 2000
  • Health Kinesiology Professional Diploma 1999
  • Certificate in Teaching IACHT 1997
  • Magnified Healing 1996
  • Karuna Reiki Master 1996
  • Usui Reiki Master 1995
  • Crystal Therapy Diploma IACHT 1994
  • Spiritual Healer NFSH 1992