Client Testimonials

Here is a selection of my client testimonials. There have been recent changes in the Advertising Standards Agency guidelines that require scientific proof for any improvements or claims presented. This means that there are gaps in the testimonials where clients have discussed the therapeutic benefits for specific health issues.

Please call me if you have any further questions regarding the therapies I provide in relation to your health and wellbeing concerns.

Health Kinesiology Testimonials .....

I started having sessions with Jennifer approximately five months ago and I can honestly say that since then my life has drastically changed for the better.  Before working with Jennifer, I suffered with severe anxiety and painful psoriasis.  I had previously tried many different treatments which only seemed to ease my symptoms slightly.  I didn’t know what to expect at my first kinesiology session but Jennifer made me feel totally at ease.  She has such a lovely and calming presence about her and is always genuinely warm and caring.  I am pleased to say that I am no longer an anxious person and my skin is looking the best it has been for years!  Jennifer is an extremely gifted healer, she has helped me to address and rectify underlying emotional issues and energy blocks within my body which in turn has made me a much happier and peaceful person.  I will be eternally thankful to Jennifer for helping me to turn my life around and I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to live a more positive and joyous life.

Claire, Project Manager, Salford

`I had been studying Kinesiology for a couple of years before going to see Jennifer, so I already knew how powerful kinesiology can be at improving your health. I had sprayed my house with flea spray for the cat and had an A_____ reaction to the spray and after a few days, the reaction seemed to be getting worse, my breathing was shallow, I felt so physically unwell and became desperate for help. I went to the doctors but they had no idea how to help me and just said that my blood test results were normal, go home and rest. My symptoms were getting worse every day, a friend of mine had told me about Jennifer, that he had benefitted so much from seeing her, so I made an appointment.

I walked into Jennifer`s healing room and just completely broke down crying, so desperate for help, Jennifer took me in her arms and held me, she was such a calming influence on me, and I knew I had come to the right place. The treatment took 3 hours that day, but Jennifer wouldn`t take any more money off me for the extra time. Even though I practice kinesiology myself, it is a different branch that Jennifer practices, so I had never seen this A_____ elimination technique before. Jennifer told me that I would probably feel slightly worse that evening then the symptoms would pass, and she was completely right. I went home that night and slept, and in the following days I improved more and more. I was absolutely amazed with the session and have been Jennifer`s client over the past 5 years, I go to see her with many different issues, from pain somewhere in the body, depression or anxiety problems. I always feel so much better and well balanced for going.

Jennifer is naturally intuitive and always seems to hit the nail on the head, always finding the fundamental source of my issues. She is a born natural healer and genuinely wants you to get better. I feel I could tell her anything as she is so understanding, I have shared my deepest fears and revelations with Jennifer. This for me is a big part of healing. I would recommend Jennifer 100% `

Jane, Classical Kinesiologist, Cheshire

`Following a recommendation from a good friend, I initially went to see Jennifer for HK nearly 6 years ago as I was experiencing anxiety and emotional pain, I felt broken. I had no idea what to expect but I liked it and HK soon revealed to me the many experiences and negative thought patterns that I had been harbouring and manifesting throughout my life. As I came to know more about myself and accept myself through the treatments, I realised there were more issues that could be worked through in Jennifer`s safe and caring hands and without judgement, to enable me to feel more whole and positively enhance my wellbeing. My biggest obstacle to overcome was an eating disorder that I had not acknowledged and had denied for 13 years, I am eternally grateful to Jennifer and HK for this. I continue to have a treatment when I feel I need to. Recently I trained in Reiki 1st degree, Jennifer is a great teacher with an incredibly deep understanding of her fields and amazing intuition. If you are thinking of trying either, just go for it, I can sincerely recommend it`

Vicky, Environmental Researcher, Liverpool

`I came to see Jennifer after being recommended to her by a friend and having had one kinesiology session whilst travelling in Costa Rica. I initially came to Jennifer because I was extremely upset following a further relationship break up. Previously I had tried traditional psychotherapy, but even though I understood the background to my emotional makeup, I was still unable to move on. I look forward to Jennifer’s sessions and her peaceful and supportive nature. Seeing Jennifer has resulted in my being stronger, more positive and good things are now starting to happen in my life. I can’t recommend Jennifer highly enough it is with her help, that at last I know what it means to love and accept myself `

Liz. Marketing Manager Manchester

I have known and worked with Jennifer for 15 years now. I initially saw her for Reiki and then a few years later, we moved on to Health Kinesiology. Over the years, I have been to see Jennifer for a variety of issues ranging from acute anxiety, life path, c----a and digestive health.I have found HK fits perfectly with my ethos towards healthcare. It treats you as a WHOLE ie: sometimes there might be an imbalance in my emotional energy, which then has a knock on effect on my physical/mental health. I value being seen as an individual and that my symptoms are being treated as such. HK has helped me in ways that I feel Western medicine fails.

Jennifer has a unique approach to HK, she brings a truly peaceful and holistic dimension to all my sessions. Not only is she a warm and utterly caring therapist, she is also open minded and honest, with a wealth of experience which is obvious as soon as you start working with her. I always feel safe in Jennifer`s hands and working with her has taken me on a journey towards wellbeing. I have recommended her to countless friends, all of whom have felt the positive effects of working with her.

Health Kinesiology is mind blowingly accurate for addressing underlying causes of ill-health, it is relaxing, energetically balancing and totally thorough. A truly gifted therapist, all I can say is get yourself booked in!

Beth, Gifted Stylist, Manchester

I have been coming to see Jennifer for a couple of years. Initially to help myself, and later, to help my foster children and husband. As you can imagine that covers a far ranging scope of ages and issues. Jennifer has helped my oldest foster child with an eating disorder along with issues from her past.

I spent 3 years with my youngest child, trying to help her with her anger issues and sleepless nights. I went 3 years without a full night’s sleep! I am a qualified holistic therapist myself, and used crystals and aromatherapy with this little one to try and help her with violent outbursts and sleeping issues and eventually turned to Jennifer as a last resort. Between her HK sessions and supplements recommended, we were able to turn her behaviour around within 6 HK sessions. She is currently doing better at school, sleeping all night, she is confident and says that she feels loved and happy.My husband had a nervous breakdown and at one point, lost the ability to speak coherently. Jennifer has helped him work through his issues and he has regained more confidence in himself and his business.

Many of our illnesses come from either emotional issues, or negative thought patterns that sometimes we are not aware of consciously. Jennifer helps you to shed a light on these issues in a safe, caring and warm environment, in such a way we can take the issue out, deal with it and move on. I therefore cannot recommend her highly enough. If you have a youngster with issues and you have tried other avenues, I would suggest you take your child to see her, it won`t be a wasted journey.

Mrs L, Holistic Therapist, Cheshire

A close friend recommended me to Jennifer for the health kinesiology sessions.

I had no idea what this entailed but went with an open mind. I was suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, pmt, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle amongst other issues, and all of these were affecting every part of my life. I found Jennifer to be warm, wise, none judgemental, and with a great sense of humour, and after only 5 sessions I feel completely different within myself. I am calmer, content and very focused on what I'm doing with my life. And the best thing for me was that even my husband and mum have noticed the positive changes in me. As well as making me a diet plan to suit just me from muscle testing, Jennifer recomended various supplements etc for my pmt, and my erratic mood swings have stopped.... something I did not think possible.

If you are struggling with any problem and need abit of help, I would highly recommend giving Kinesiology a go, even though I don't fully understand how or why it works, I'm just happy that it does, and Jennifer has changed my life for the better.

Vikki, Waitress, Manchester

"I went for kinesiology with Jennifer as I was suffering with severe e____a and a_____y for over 12 months. After going down the medical route, without success, I decided to try Complementary therapy. I noticed a difference after my first kinesiology session, on completion of the four sessions, I wish I had seen Jennifer a lot sooner as my skin and a_____s are now under control. Jennifer is a warm and friendly person who immediately puts you at ease and I would strongly recommend Jennifer to anybody as she is a gem, one of a kind."

Ben, Painter and Decorator, Manchester

“ I came to see Jennifer because I lost my confidence and wanted to lose w....t. I have no way to explain how kinesiology works, but for me it was as if Jennifer `peeled off` layers of crystallized pain` that my body held on to. Every session we had, I became lighter and brighter. I am one of the blessed people who found Jennifer and I would recommend her to anybody who is willing to be courageous enough to be themselves. She will guide you and work with you at your pace in a loving, respectful way.”

Andrea, Teacher, Manchester

“When I first went to see Jennifer for Health Kinesiology, I had been suffering from s___ a___ d___ for 10 years. My condition had gradually worsened into severe depression and I was at rock bottom. Jennifer treated me with kindness, patience and understanding over a period of 18 months. The kinesiology sessions were particularly powerful, insightful and effective. Jennifer is a wonderful therapist. Thank you Jennifer you helped to turn my life around”.

Caro, Actor, Healer - The Middle Road Ltd, Manchester

“I was suffering from the side effects of c___o for c___r and my energy was very low. After the very first session with Jennifer I felt considerably better. Over a period of six months I received kinesiology and crystal therapy. Jennifer’s treatment room was a peaceful, calming environment; just being there I immediately began to relax. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing on any level. Thank you so much Jennifer Rose for all the healing I received".

Barry, Artist, Manchester

“I read about kinesiology in a publication about seasonal affective disorder. I had struggled with s___ a___ d___ for many years and used all the conventional methods of coping with it available. I was sceptical about kinesiology, but thought I would give it a try. Two years on and I feel that it has helped me cope with my difficulties during the winter months. It has helped me to listen to my body and understand its needs”.

Imran, Architect, Manchester

Reiki Healing and Training Testimonials .....

Learning Reiki 1st Degree has been a truly life changing experience, presented by a truly inspiring and extremely knowledgeable teacher. Jennifer Rose steers the course with such wisdom, poise and compassion, words cannot fully convey her skill. She is a natural teacher who tunes into each person's individual needs and is passionate about addressing issues and barriers as they emerge along the learning journey. Candidly, she shares her own interesting experiences which add further depth to her teaching. Her energy is infectious as is her sense of humour which made for an extremely pleasurable weekend; time became irrelevant. I feel blessed to have been guided into her fold where I feel completely safe. I look forward to regular Reiki shares where we return to our 'Shepherdess' for further nurture! And I unreservedly recommend Jennifer Rose.....she is the business in finding ' the healer within you...'

Jackie, Teacher, Manchester

I chose to complete my Reiki 1st Degree training with Jennifer based on the recommendation of a highly experienced Reiki practitioner. I approached the first session with great excitement but also some apprehension about the learning that lay ahead of me.  My apprehension was short lived.  Jennifer`s calmness and acceptance created a warm, open and safe climate for learning. The sessions were delivered in concise chunks that made their content easy to absorb. They were clearly structured, beginning with theory followed by demonstration from Jenny and then ample opportunity for the group to practise.
However there was much more than this to the training. What happened to me was a quiet, calm but powerful shift in my consciousness that has steadily deepened as the weeks have gone by. I hope to be ready to complete Level 2 training with Jenny in the New Year.  I can’t speak highly enough about her work

Sue, Tutor, Worsley

Jennifer's Reiki course is outstanding. Anyone who wants to take the Reiki course will be amazed and inspired on the journey that Jennifer takes you on.  The course itself was not only informative, but also Jennifer gives you guidance every step of the way, sharing her own experiences through her work.  Although this course provides extensive information and everything you need to know for 1st degree, Jennifer somehow makes the whole weekend feel like a relaxing retreat.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to take the Reiki journey.

Becky, Cheshire

I have studied Reiki I and II with Jennifer and know her to be a passionate and compassionate teacher and sharer of Reiki and I feel privileged to be one of her students.  My learning continues - with her profound and immeasurable guidance, all delivered with warmth and humour.  Her knowledge and experience is without bounds.  I feel blessed!

Val, Manchester

I found Jennifer to be very knowledgeable about the subject of Reiki healing and a very pleasant woman to be in the company of. I found Reiki to be an interesting subject and relatively simple to learn. I found my first degree course to be very enjoyable and very interesting in several different ways. I am grateful to Jennifer for giving me the gift of Reiki.

Andy, Cheshire

“I have benefitted from Jennifer’s expertise on many occasions since 2007 and recommend her without reservation. I have qualified in Reiki level 2, and my husband in Reiki level 1 with Jennifer. I attend Reiki shares where she passes on her knowledge and expertise amongst a lovely group of Reiki healers. I have had restorative Reiki treatments, blissful crystal therapy and am currently benefitting from a course of Health Kinesiology, which is bringing fantastic results.

Jennifer is a very caring, considerate and compassionate lady, which I find essential in providing therapy. She has had profound effects on my wellbeing when I have needed her assistance. Without exception I would recommend anyone needing support, whether physically/emotionally or attuning to the Reiki energies, to make contact with Jennifer Rose, she is the kind of person who touches your life and leaves a big impression”.

Hannah, Social Worker, Manchester

“Jennifer came very highly recommended to me when I was searching for a Reiki teacher. Jennifer is always professional, her dedication and commitment to Reiki shines through. I have been in the privileged position of observing Jennifer’s Reiki classes, sharing Reiki with lots of students. This is not only done to a high standard, she also offers on-going support and teaching to all of us on a one to one basis or with regular Reiki shares. I am thrilled to have had her as my mentor, her integrity and knowledge have inspired me on my Reiki journey and I aim to give my students the same experience”.

Kate, Healer/Teacher, Cheshire

“Learning with Jennifer has been a truly life enhancing experience. Jennifer is a dedicated and motivating teacher who uses her knowledge, compassion and humour to help her students enjoy learning Reiki”.

Melody, Mother, Manchester

“I’ve been a client of Jennifer’s for several years now, I was first recommended by a client of mine (I’m a holistic therapist myself) when my dog Teddy had a recurring e____, we had come to the end of a long treatment list and asked Jennifer for some healing. He had 3 treatments if I remember correctly, which was about 5 years ago and has no problems ever since thank goodness. I myself come to Jennifer each month, which I love as it keeps me sane. I also feel the treatments have helped me immensely as a therapist. I would recommend Jennifer to any body as she is a truly special person”.

Jane, Holistic/beauty therapist, Cheshire

“Thank you so much for a wonderful Reiki weekend, I didn`t know there was so much to Reiki, you are a great teacher! I enjoyed the course more than I thought possible and came away with new skills, confidence and friendships”.

Victoria, Business Woman, Manchester