Kinesiology - a unique Muscle Testing approach to Health and Wellbeing

Health Kinesiology will help you to discover what your body needs to encourage better health and inner harmony, to develop your personal goals and aspirations.

The Five ElementsHealth Kinesiology (HK) is founded on the principals of the Chinese Meridian System of Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health. These principals are coupled with muscle testing to monitor the body`s bio-energetic feedback. A strong muscle indicates balance; a weak muscular response indicates a stressed or unbalanced state.

The body`s bio-energy feedback provides specific information required to discover the individual`s needs and uncover energetic disturbances. Kinesiologists are guided by the body`s own priorities or sequence in which different types of stress are rebalanced by re-tuning the meridians and reflexes involved.

For example; a person presenting back pain has a structural problem, muscles are tested to discover which ones are involved, the meridian energy, once restored, rebalances the muscle to its normal function. There may be nutritional deficiencies/ absorption issues. The body may require more water, a course of nutritional supplements, adjustments to their daily exercise routines etc.

The person may be supressing loss over a relationship break up, feeling isolated and unsupported. There may also be several chakras involved along with deeper, underlying spiritual issues. The body`s bioenergy will `flag up` those aspects that are contributing to the presenting symptoms and work with them in a priority order that is most efficient for your energy system to integrate.

HK is truly a holistic branch of kinesiology, a range of techniques are employed to release the `stress` and restore the body`s innate ability to heal.

Are you ready to engage with a healthy, focussed you?

When you first visit, I will ask you what you want to achieve, to consciously set your goals that will help you towards succeeding with anything you are ready to work on. In HK we work towards `balancing your goal`, your current health and wellbeing concerns are held in place by different types of stressors, survival mechanisms, core beliefs and sabotage patterns all holding the issue in place.

Through the process of muscle testing, and subsequent health kinesiology techniques, stressors are revealed, then released in a priority order that is perfect for the body`s specific needs.

The body has innate healing energy, flowing through its meridians and electromagnetic field. You only have to study anatomy and physiology to realize what an awesome creation our bodies truly are, adapting, always doing it`s very best to maintain equilibrium.

Health Kinesiology is not used to cure and diagnose symptoms and illness; this is the work of your medical doctor or alternative practitioner. Rather, it helps the body to heal itself at a bio-energetic level, involving the body`s structural, chemical and emotional states.

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"There is always a way" a Health Kinesiology maxim of its founder Dr Jimmy Scott.

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