Spiritual Healing in Manchester

Spiritiual Healing Manchester

Spiritual healing is a gentle, yet powerful form of `hands off` healing that is suitable for people of all ages and outlook. It is not connected to a particular religion or faith, unlike faith healing which requires the recipient to have faith in a religious sense. Healing relies on the spiritual connection that exists between all people and cultures from around the world.

Spiritual healing is complementary to orthodox medical treatments; it is not an alternative where more serious disease is diagnosed. The physical/psychological symptoms that are experienced by a person are two elements of disease. Spiritual healing works on the spiritual nature of the person to address the underpinning root causes creating ill-health.

The spiritual healer creates a channel or healing bridge between the spiritual and physical dimensions, by attuning to the higher states of spiritual consciousness and the spiritual presence of the recipient. The healer’s hands are positioned several inches above the body within the energy field to transfer channelled spiritual energy, occasionally a light touch may also be involved.

What to expect during a Spiritual Healing session

During spiritual healing the recipient is made comfortable on a therapy couch or sitting in a chair if preferred. The recipient is helped to further relax and let go through guided visualisation, connecting into their inner peace. The healer, once attuned, positions her hands above the head and around the body as blockages and discomfort on any level are gently released, re-balanced and re-charged. Spiritual energy is unlimited, it is evident in all people, animals and places, distortions occur through our negative beliefs, emotions and spiritual disconnection. When the spirit is re-ignited, inspiration to find peace and resolution occur as a natural progression. On completion, the recipient is gently brought into full everyday awareness, to share anything that has been experienced during the session. Most people experience warmth and feel tingling or pulsating in various parts of the body. Some experience light and moving colours, changes in consciousness, memories surfacing along with repressed emotions that come up for healing.

On completion most people have a deep sense of peace and connection to the inner self. The results of healing may be felt straight away or may take a several days to build up. It is always recommended that you take time out after healing to rest and integrate the subtle changes that may take place.

Spiritual Healing may be useful in the following ways:

  • For simply balancing the mind, body, spirit connection to develop physical and spiritual wellbeing and encourage improved sleep, rest and relaxation.
  • To cleanse and clear the bodies energy system of negative obstructions that block the body`s ability to selfheal.
  • Improve the levels of pain experienced on physical/emotional/mental and spiritual levels.
  • To facilitate a deep feeling of security and safety, and encourage the individual`s capacity to give and receive love.
  • Transition - spiritual healing has been known to assist those experiencing terminal illness with a deeper sense of peace, greater freedom from pain and an inner sense of acceptance and dignity.
  • Children and animals both tend to be responsive to the simplicity of spiritual healing, often more receptive to spiritual energy uncomplicated by belief.
National Federation of Spiritual Healers

Jennifer is a full healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers known as the healing trust: www.thehealingtrust.org.uk