Crystal Therapy in Manchester

Crystal Therapy

For those who feel drawn towards crystal energy, crystal healing may stimulate profound energetic changes to the body and supporting energy field.

Crystal Therapy may be useful in the following ways:

  • The release of blocked, stagnant energies that in time may result in physical/emotional/mental and spiritual imbalance and dysfunction.
  • To optimize the flow of life-force moving through the meridians, chakras and aura, stimulating the body`s ability to regenerate and heal.
  • Chakra balancing for personal growth and wellbeing on all levels.
  • To harmonize, balance and re-align the auric field to optimal levels.
  • To facilitate personal and spiritual development, promoting a heightened conscious awareness.
  • To de-stress, relax and renew.

What is crystal energy?

What is Crystal Therapy

In terms of energy, crystals have many properties, the capacity to harness, store, amplify and transmit energy. Put simply, when people interact with crystal, the energy within each identical atom begins to oscillate at a precise frequency, sending out vibrating waves of positive energy through the surfaces and tip. This potential is utilized in a number of ways to promote the transfer of energy to the body and supporting energy system. Stones are selected to treat the presenting symptoms and stimulate the energy system into correcting itself. If we can create illness, we can also create wellness.

What to expect during a crystal healing session?

At the start of the session, we will discuss your wellbeing concerns and identify your goals. During the session, the recipient fully clothed, is made comfortable on a therapy couch.

Crystals are placed in a configuration surrounding the body to create a unified field of energy, which works to rebalance and realign the auric field.

The therapist will directly focus energy through a hand held generator crystal, moving above the entire body and chakra points to draw out and release blocked painful areas of imbalance.

As the process continues, areas of imbalance are filled with positive energy which stimulates the body's innate self-healing ability.

Selected crystals are then placed on the body and chakra points to promote the transfer of energy.

On completion, the recipient is gently guided back to every-day awareness, most people feel relaxed and re-vitalized, with a sense of lightness and positive wellbeing.

A full crystal therapy session lasts for 75 minutes, it is always appropriate to plan to take time out for at least an hour after the session to give the body time to integrate any possible energetic changes.

The amount of crystal sessions required is unique to each individual but for most people 2 - 6 sessions are more usual.