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Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose Bennett KFRP, NFSH, TMUKRF
Professional Bio-energy Healer and Teacher

In the UK we enjoy a variety of Complementary therapies, my speciality lies in the field of energy healing. I draw on the skills, therapeutic techniques and knowledge that I`ve gained over 3 decades of professional practice both as a healer and teacher of bio-energy healing in Manchester and Cheshire.

Bio-energy therapies primarily address an individual’s subtle bio-field which supplies life force energy to maintain a healthy body and mind. The bio-field contains subtle channels ie: meridians, chakras and multi-dimensional auric sheaths.

A balanced bio-energy system reflects an improved spirit-mind-body connection. Many people report that when their bio-energy has been balanced, symptoms resolved, vitality levels increased and their mindset/motivation improved.

I work with kinesiology muscle testing techniques to access the body`s innate intelligence and identify the information needed to address energy disturbances that underpin and connect symptoms.

Disturbances may involve a combination of factors causing stress to the body such as skeletal/muscular misalignment, chemical, toxins, pollutants, emf`s, allergens and food sensitivities, Digestive syndromes, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, mental anxiety, negative beliefs, depression, grief and emotional trauma etc.

We will work together to address the issues you are consciously up for resolving. As people we are each so unique, having individual needs, challenges and goals. Therapies are tailored to offer an effective plan to naturally restore wholeness.

Each of the healing modalities offer their own unique energy transmission and style, holistic therapies are a natural approach to reaching the goals of good health and wellbeing, personal and spiritual development.

You are welcome to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.

Therapy sessions and certified Reiki Training Courses are available in Lymm Village, Cheshire W13 0LY

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Wishing you all Optimal Health, Wellbeing and Growth

kinesiology Federation

Recommended Practitioner of the Kinesiology Federation

Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation

Reiki Federation

Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers