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I am deeply committed to helping people find themselves through spiritual and energy healing, to return to the deep harmony of the body, mind and spirit found within one`s own self. I hope to provide you with all the information needed in choosing the right energy healing modality to address your health and wellbeing concerns. If in doubt, call me for further information and advice. Jennifer Rose

Each therapy offers a unique healing experience. Although the methods and effects vary, each modality shares the same underpinning holistic principals in terms of restoring the human energy system to it`s balanced functioning state.

I work with my spiritual intuition and muscle testing techniques to assess your energy system, helping you identify and address the root causes that underpin and connect symptoms. I draw upon all the skills and therapeutic techniques I have gained over 2 decades of professional practise in the field of energy healing.

As people we are all so unique, with individual needs, challenges and goals. Therapies are tailored to offer an effective plan to naturally restore wholeness. The therapeutic techniques I work with are not intrusive, we will work together to address the issues you are consciously ready to resolve.

Energy healing sessions are facilitated in my Manchester based practice close to the Trafford Centre at M60 Junction 10 and also at at The Village Osteopaths in Timperley Village, Cheshire.

If you are feeling too unwell to travel, I can travel to you on a mobile basis, subject to agreement.

You are welcome to contact me with any queries; I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you all Optimal Health, Wellbeing and Growth

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Recommended Practitioner of the Kinesiology Federation

Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation

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Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers